Tuesday, 25 October 2011

This Week: Johnny Dawes- Extracts from Full of Myself

Hereeeee's Johnny!!!

"By licking the lollipop – red like the van – and by dripping the syrup into the hollow of my left hands anatomical snuff box, the bee placed alongside it can start to feed. Her mouth is extraordinarily thin and long, like a straw.

We go around town and shop a little, I even take her to The Forum for a coffee. By now she is showing signs of a lively character. To attempt to put her at her ease, I stroke her thick fur as she feeds, but instead clumsily get syrup on her wing at which point a short sharp head movement points back up at me.

I watch as she works on the task of renewing her wing. Half an hour of meticulous cleaning with no discernible waste of effort, makes her look like a knowing miniature helicopter able to repair itself.

What had seemed like an abrupt reproach after my clumsiness with the syrup is now forgotten. Bee turns its head, this time a full 270° – show off – then tilts her head, and then again, as if to say: “Do you understand what I mean…?”

My companion’s gesticulations so precise, seemingly deliberate, make her appear not just sane, purposeful and certainly skilled, but generous of spirit. I have come to love this beady-eyed bee. She seems to say thank you and, slipping out of my cavernous hand is gone.'

This week,extracts from Johnny Dawes long awaited auto-
biography 'Full of myself'- Chosen by the author himself. Johnny's unique writing style is both fluid and dynamic and reflects the physical and mental attributes which has made him such a unique character in the climbing world.

Full of myself can be ordered direct from the author at Johnny Dawes.Com