Friday, 31 May 2013

The mountaineers: lost in time.

Can you identify these five climbing amigos? Even better,can you suggest a location and date? I'm indebted to Climbers Club archivist David Medcalf for allowing me to use this fantastic shot. David posted it yesterday on the members forum after being pointed towards it by a friend who saw it on an 'Old Photos of Portmadog' website. Apart from the predictable suggestions of a less than serious nature including Ron Fawcett, Eric Jones and Geoff Birtles!.. no one as yet has come up with any hard evidence suggesting exactly who these rakish rock masters are.

My own hunch is that the group are in the Ogwen Valley with Llyn Ogwen just beyond the wall and the slopes of Pen yr Ole Wen in the background. It looks a wet day but it certainly hasn't dampened their spirits. If you have any information or comments then email me at and I'll add them here.

One suggestion which has come in since posting, has come from Gordon Stainforth,the renowned author/photographer, who suggests that the figure on the extreme right could be George Abraham. Another renowned photographer, mountaineer and author of climbing guides in the early 20th century. This makes a lot of sense as Abraham was in North Wales-presuming this is North Wales- in the Edwardian era.Writing a climbing guide and joining up with the leading lights of the day including Archer Thomson. Geoffrey Winthrop Young on the extreme left is another suggestion?