Monday, 16 April 2012

Johnny Dawes/The Hope Project: More tales from the wild wild West!

JD Photo:Karen Robinson

Following the wide publicity surrounding the racially aggravated arson attack on the Cornish based Hope Project- To Hatch a Crow article/ Footless Crow article -rock maestro Johnny Dawes called in on project leader Sam Farmer and his partner Carla while on a sojourn in nearby Falmouth and was given the low down on developments since the attack. After Sam had guided Johnny to some striking local virgin cliffs which apparently offered several possible new lines,Johnny was impressed enough to file them in his 'things to do' drawer and says he intends to return to give the cliff the once over. One of the more amenable lines-which could prove popular- has already had 'The Hope Project' pencilled in as a route name.

While staying on Sam's land above the cliffs and enjoying a pleasant evening soiree with his hosts, the local police arrived and asked Johnny to move his van. According to both Sam and JD, the police then continued to cruise the lane above the land. In a statement to Footless Crow, Johnny said 'I wouldn't go as far as to call it police harassment but it certainly felt uncomfortable....if this is an example of what Sam and his family have to put up with then I too would find it intimidating.'

Months after the attack and the police are still no further on with finding out who committed the crime.

For the time being the Dawes camp has moved across the Tamar. However,an improvement in the weather will hopefully see Johnny getting to grips those Cornish projects and come summer,he may well return and offer climbing courses at the project. Watch this space....