Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Coming up: Samuel Taylor Coleridge...Letter to Sara

"I had a glorious walk - the rain sailing along those black crags and green steeps, white as the wooly down on the under side of a willow leaf, and soft as floss silk. Silver fillets of water down every mountain from top to bottom that were as fine as bridegrooms. I soon arrived at the Halse [Newlands Hause] and climbed up by the waterfall as near as I could, to the very top of the Fell. But it was so craggy - the crags covered with spongy soaky moss, and when bare so jagged as to wound one's hands fearfully - and the gusts came so very sudden and strong, that the going up was slow, and difficult and earnest - and the coming down, not only all that, but likewise extremely dangerous.
However, I have always found this stretched and anxious state of mind favourable to depth of pleasurable impression,'

This Friday...the Rime of the ancient fell walker. Samuel Taylor Coleridge goes walkabout in the English Lake District.