Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Coming Up: Richard Gilbert and the mystery of the first Munro completist.

Lagangarbh: The Scottish Mountaineering Club hut in Glencoe.Heart of Munro bagging country.

" Nowadays biographers have a tendency to rubbish schoolboy heroes and expose their human failings. Thus Captain Scott,Amunsden, Menlove Edwards, Spencer Chapman and TE Lawrence do not attract quite the same amount of admiration as of old.
Sir Hugh Munro still stands aloof, a staunch pillar of the SMC and compiler of his historic tables, yet it is common knowledge that Munro's untimely death in France in 1919 left him just two mountains short of completion. That honour was first claimed by the Reverend Archibald Aeneas Robertson in 1901 when he ascended Meall Dearg above Glen Coe, with his wife and Lord Moncrieff, and reputedly kissed the cairn first and then his wife before they consumed a quart of Ayala champagne and descended the screes.'

This Friday...Richard Gilbert and the mystery surrounding AA Robertson's claim to have been the first man the complete the Munros.