Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Coming Up: Steve Dean's Bouldering at Harborough Rocks

" By the time I reached the road, the rocks were almost in darkness, while to the west the sun was setting in a sinister darkening sky. The wind had begun to gust and it suddenly felt as if winter would soon be upon us. Later, in a cosy corner of the pub, luxuriating in front of a fire, I listened as the rain returned and battered against the windows. We sat and enjoyed the delightful tang of that first pint on a throat dry after hard exercise and fresh air. Gradually I retreated into that wonderfully satisfying state of fatigue-, aching, swollen forearms and fingers, sore finger ends and tired legs. I knew I'd be worn out at work the next day, but we're fit and still out there doing it! As the late Nat Allen once told me "....aye lad, you've got to keep the pot boiling!" ,

This Friday Steve Dean loads those muscles and gets his tendons singing at Harborough.