Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Coming Up: David Craig finds his nemesis in Cumbria.

The moves aren't hard. And this is only 'Hard V. Diff' - isn't it ? Each two by six inch ledge looks impossibly far away as I stretch for it with my toes. If only I could grow longer, like a slug! As I peer downwards, it's oddly hard to estimate height or distance. Gradually I discover, and don't altogether believe, that the points of rock below are always nearer than they look. Still I feel a little spider wafting into space on the end of a frail thread, or possibly a shipwrecked man as the boat turns turtle and he must crawl backwards down the hull, trying to cling by his fingertips to the rivets.

This Friday, David Craig finds himself far from the madding crowd. Pondering inglorious retreat and ultimate failure on a lowly graded,dank and vegetated Cumbrian sandbag!