Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Coming up: Richard Haszko goes sea stack climbing in Scotland

Joe Simpson and Bruce French paddle towards 'The Old Man of Stoer' : R Haszko©

“Right, Richard, I bet you a pound we can do all three in a weekend.” John and I looked at Joe with incredulity. The three in question were the classic Scottish sea stacks: Old Man of Hoy, Old Man of Stoer and Am Buachille. Joe had been muttering about doing the Old Man of Hoy for some time and both John and I agreed that it would indeed be a fine thing do. But three in one weekend? Hoy alone was normally a three day trip: ferry from Scrabster to Stromness on Orkney, another ferry to the island of Hoy then a taxi ride across this to the stack. “It would have to be a long weekend I’ll grant you, but it’s definitely possible.” My doubts about Joe’s sanity were only increased by this so I happily took the bet on, completely confident that I would be able to relieve him of some more of the proceeds of his scribblings.

This Friday,Richard Haszko describes what happened when his small team which included Joe Simpson attempted to climb three classic Scottish sea stacks in a single weekend.